Friday, May 30, 2014

...coming soon !!!

...I bumped into the Nikon 1 and it's a loooong I will save that for a later time...but for now, I am heading to Cabo San Jose for a week of fun shooting with the V1... the next blog up should be Mexico and the Nikon V1...and this is a fuuuunnnn camera !!!

...Ze Zeiss 16-70mm f4

...I had managed to put off the purchase of a high end Sony E mount lens...reason being, they ARE expensive...these puppies push a grand ! ...but, I had sold a ton of Pentax gear and had some available funds...and had learned that the primo Panasonic f2.8 12-35mm had brought the micro 4/3's equipment into their own and had brought versatility and confidence to wedding shooting. So, the Zeiss / Sony is a constant f4 rather than f2.8. Reason being, an f2.8 on an aps-c is quite large and heavy...almost toooo much for a full day of shooting...f4 it is ! I shot Jetta, a plus-sized model, with ease...the zoom allowed for a much faster shoot rate than the primes...we shot a BUNCH of my studio,
f4, 160sec, all jpeg and no post processing...straight from the camera...enjoy !!!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

... Sony A6000 arrives !

...Sony released the a6000 as the replacement for the Nex-6 ... First off, the Nex6 was the de-facto standard of aps-c sensor based rangefinder style cameras...period...the a6000 adds a new name, 24mp Sony sensor (vs 16) a few other twists and 11fps with continuous auto-focus BETWEEN's like a machine gun going off! fact it can track, auto focus and shoot a 'speeding bullet' shot directly at YOU !!! ...well it'
s not that fast but 11fps is waaay out there... attached are a few pics of my favorite model Holly B ...all shot with the a6000, straight jpeg, no my studio...happy viewing