Friday, October 25, 2013

...yeah, she's ugly, but she sure can cook !

......this is the Sony Nex-F3 with the Sigma 30mm f2.8 Prime... I had tried to avoid the Nex rage but became somewhat trapped when I acquired the Sony A3000 ( previously reviewed ) ...and alas, I had several E-Mount Nex lens for the 3000, so why waste a great lens... ...and ya' know, I personally find all the nex series pretty ugly and the F3 model is tops on the list ! ...and to make matters worse the cute sculpted hand grip will only hold three fingers... not a big problem unless your shooting in the studio for hours on end... so, this camera is going away, replaced by the Nex-5r ( I'll review that later )...why I did'nt start with the 5r I'll never know ! ... ... but the nex series has other beauties... first off 16mp Sony APS-C sensor...gonzo... a 921,000 dot LCD display, 10FPS, and a body only 10% larger than a Pentax Q...I mean the 5r is very small and it has a four finger handgrip... ...the attached pix for your review were shot with the Nex-F3, and either the 50mm Sony Prime (75mm FOV) or the 30mm Sigma Prime (45mm FOV), 160th sec, f5~f5.6 and manual mode with Elinchrome Studio lights/strobes... ...ENJOY

Thursday, October 10, 2013

...the Fodders's Delight !

...I mentioned in my original review of the Sony A3000 "Wolf" that it would be the reviewers fodder for 2013...well it has started, ... except this review seems to be a half and half ( and its a great review !)... with the first half unsettling over the EVF and LCD displays and the second half discussing merits that allow for a more professional use...including disposability based on price ($400)

...the verdict, about the same as mine... a great 20mp APS-C sensor, super fast and accurate AF, brilliant colors, at a bargain basement price of $400 with a great kit lens ...that's about the same price that many manufacturers charge for their clip on viewfinders... hmmmmmm !

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

... a light day at the zoo !

...I have shot the FTW Zoo on many's one of my favorite 'fun' places to shoot ...but, this Sunday was an exception... ...the day started great, my b-i-law picked me up from the Dallas Westin and we were on our way, with a promise of a drop off at DFW for my return flight...WOW ! ...and bright blue skies, perfect temperatures...oh goodie ! ...but alas, I had forgotten the day was Sunday, and the Zoo was a 'Zoo' ...oh well, perserverance will shine through... except for one thing...the animals were DOA...sometimes the cats will do back flips and sometime they won't... this was the won't ...shot with a Pano G6/300mm (600mm FOV) Tokina Mirror/ISO 800/ Handheld/ and 'crisped slightly' in PSE for levels and unsharp/ ...enjoy !!!