Thursday, June 26, 2014

...the Nikon V2 in the Studio at Southlands

...when I first purchased the V2 it appeared to be an impossible task to trigger studio strobes (Elinchrom's)...seems the V2 has a proprietary Nikon flash mount and 'no one', but 'no one' is producing radio triggers to fit the mount...period ! So, I thought I would try a Nikon SB-N5 which is a dedicated small topside flash for the V2...the assumption being that the N5 would pulse as an optical trigger for the studio flashes as opposed to the standard RF trigger typically used with a studio flash. the flash was rotated vertical and set to manual at 1/32 power. ...Can you believe that combo worked...first time and every time for BOTH studio flashes. UNREAL...this never happens in real life, but it did !!! ...all pix shot with the V2/160sec/f4.5 or thereabouts and either the Nikon 1 18.5mm f1.8 (fov 50mm) or the Nikon DX 35mm f1.8 (fov 95mm)...these pix have been tweaked a tad in PSE...Enjoy !

Monday, June 9, 2014

...the V1 does BAJA, Batch 2

...well, in just a few days of touring, with nearly 900 pix to chose from, the toughest part of these posts are which of the 900 to feature ??? ...the V1 was, bright, vibrant and just fun...but the best part was the FUN ! ...the shoot speed was rocket fast, particularly with the primes...just frame, shoot, frame, shoot and at 11fps it's gun slinger fast ! ...have I mentioned I really enjoy FAST shooting...and I think the results will stand up...again, all jpeg, all lenses shot wide open, no editing...just straight from the cam... ENJOY !!!

...the V1 does BAJA, Batch 1 sum up, the V1 is a BLAST...small, light, ultra fast everything and an assortment of primes and zooms that are quite affordable... it's your call but check out these pix from Batch 1 and YOU Decide ??? ...all jpeg all straight from the cam...No editing !