Wednesday, October 31, 2012

...your call !

...this lovely lady walked into my studio a couple of weeks !...she knew her STUFF... I'll bet I did not say 10 words to her, she went about her business, and in about 30 minutes we had a couple hundred great judge, your call...the Olympus EM5 with the Leica 25mm (50mm FOV) combo...stunning, thats a fack Jack ! can be addictive !

...this black and white thing...I mean so many possibilities, so little time...I shot a batch of this stuff in Cripple Creek last October 2011 with a Panasonic G3 and some sort of wide angle m4/3 lens...a huge batch...probably no one has seen this stuff, but me and one of my cats...such is life, so I thought I would play with the B/W thing again, in Silver Efex and finished it off with a Vignette Blur from Color Efex...I thought Vignette was a salad dressing...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

...Silver EFEX PRO 2

...I must confess, I was in Santa Fe and a fellow photographer was displaying his New Mexican landscapes in black and white ...stunning......I took a guess and said "Silver EFEX ! ... yes ! ... I bought a copy, and needless to say I am a complete new-born when it comes to black and white and Silver EFEX...but here are a couple more pix from the Cordillera series processed with NIK Silver EFEX...and as you might guess the variations are endless..I will get better...enjoy


...yes, that mythical location that actually does NOT exist on a Colorado map, but everyone in Colorado knows where it is...this was an early fall day, and I love this site, junk cars, cabins, barns, manure, all natural  and all things horsey...sweet ! ...Beth  looks at me "why are we here?" and of course, I would not miss it for the world...I've probably shot this site at least 20 times over the years...each time its different, but one-day it will not be here...waiting...

...the pix of course are full color, and fun to play with in there own right, but I decided to whip these puppies into black and whites and see if I could get them to "bite"...the conversion was done with NIK ColorEfex, the blend was certainly nothing exotic, the camera was the Pentax K-01, shot in bright daylight, the lens was one of the Pentax Pancakes (I just love pancakes), and the results were, well again, you be the judge