Thursday, September 27, 2012 you have NOT seen this combo !

...I thought's the Sony a65 matched with the Minolta F8 500mm Reflex (Mirror) (750mm FOV)...the Minolta has been around since the previous century and recently dis-continued by Sony in probably was in production for over 30 years...but, here is the kicker, it's AUTOFOCUS...yep, AF and a speedy one at that !...even better, this lens has had the popularity of a wart-hog, until it was discontinued by Sony (thank you Sony)'s now like a painter that has died, and gone whearever, the value has shot waaaaay up...up...and oh yeah, these guys were a long, long way off in the distance

...anyhow, it was a rare overcast afternoon, ISO set to either 400/800/1600 depending on the cloud density, all HANDHELD (750mm FOV)...and yes, oh yes, you CAN count the hairs on a Rhino's ass at 100m

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...Yarmouth in Boulder

...sometimes I get paid for my work...and this was one of those times !... the assignment was to photograph a residential "rowhouse" neighborhood recently completed in Boulder...I decided my weapon of choice would be my loving "knock your eyes out" Pentax K-01 mated with the Tamron f2.8 17-50mm (25~75mm FOV) lens. The Tamron has been around for years and ALWAYS receives rave reviews...

...the day was bright and dead calm...the results were quite colorful...check out the entire shoot at and enjoy...I certainly DID !

...Panasonic G5 in the Studio !

...well, never leaving dust to settle, it was time for a "Fresh" machine...the just released Panasonic G5, mated with the Leica 25mm (50mm FOV) Prime lens. A Killer Combo !, off to the studio, and a fresh victim... Blair is a lovely lady, and as such, took most of the work out of the shoot... re-freshing !

...the G5 Panasonic lived up to expectations, and more...a fresh 16mp sensor, 6fps, live-view and blah,blah,blah ... you know the routine...these new machines are really quite good and once they are mated with "gonzo" killer glass, well the rest is history ! ...check out the shoot at  and YOU decide ???

Friday, September 21, 2012

...Kenosha Pass

...that time of the year, mid-to-late September, and the turning of the Aspens...Kenosha Pass sits at 10,000 feet and has been in constant use, for a variety of activities, since the time of the Ute Indians... I shot these pix with the Pentax K-01 and an assortment of Pentax Pancakes (15/21/40mm (23/32/60 FOV))...all tucked into my jacket pocket...and at 10,000 feet you ALWAYS want to have a jacket with can change that quick... see more at

... a drive by !

...It's rare that I actually "happen upon" a classic car without looking for them...but there sat a LaSalle, in a vacant lot, somewhere in rural Colorado... by chance I had the Oly OMD-EM5 on hand with the Pano 12~35mm Vario X "killer" lens and thought I would click off a "quick hundred" or so, pix... nothing profound with this post, EVERYONE has already said that the EM5 with the 12-35mm was a combo to die for, either as a pair or singularly...THEY ARE RIGHT !!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Anchors Aweigh !

...Ransoon scanned the horizon, nothing, not a twitch, surely, it must be safe...a second look, what, what ? ...dark clouds, a thunderstorm, but from where ?  ...and just like that I was shooting another wedding...

so a familiar dilemma, what to shoot, what to wear ? you can only screw this up once !...I just received my Oly Omd-Em5 and the Pano 12-35mm f2.8 zoom a few days ago...why NOT ? what could go wrong ? ...good choice, Nimrod

Anchors Aweigh !

...well, it was a good choice, the em5 with the Pano zoom and Oly fl-50r flash were top gun at this event...not a technical hitch to be found, just shut up and shoot ! ...I did continue the trend of the Gary Fong "salad spinner" light diffuser pointed straight at every ceiling I could blow-outs, no errors, very consistent exposures all bounced off ceilings, 600 pix later the smoke had cleared, I drove home, with a smile on my face...

I've read a number of very positive reviews about the Oly Em5 and Pano 12-35 f2.8...and ya' know, every word of praise stated is...well, that's a fack Jack !!!

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