Sunday, November 24, 2013

...the Nex-6

...I had not done a shoot with the differs from the A3000 in that it has the 16mp sensor rather than the 20mp of the A3000...and of course it has the traditional, boxy Nex shape...clearly the A3k handles better for an extended shoot, but which to shoot would be more of a choice of 'what-to-wear' for the day...all pix straight jpeg, 50mm Sony EMount lens (75mmFOV) and the f4, 1/160sec, Elinchrom studio / strobe combination...enjoy !

Friday, November 22, 2013

...I do get lucky from time to time !!!

... I switched back to the A-3000 for this has the PERFECT size and shape hand grip...that does not seem like much but when you shoot several hundred pix over 2 hours in the studio...well, it's HUGE ! ...this sweetie dropped by and she had POP !...that makes for an easy shoot... the A3000 also being very light made this one effortless...all pix f4.0, 1/160 sec, Sony EMount 50mm f1.8 (75mmFOV) and two trusty Elinchrome Studio strobes with off-set strength settings...damn, she was good !!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

...I do get lazy, so Nex-5r again...

...I try to never shoot the same camera in succession... but I have a 'safety thing' of using the last functional 'thing' twice in a row...sort of like 'the airplane was fine when I landed so it MUST be OK to fly again' ... that was the thought process at the time of the crash... ...but the 5r was in fine form and it was time for a family shoot...the family pix came out fine but the kids really sparkled and highlighted the sharpness of the 5r... same lens as before, the 50mm Sony and 30mm Sigma E-mounts and the usual f-
stop nomenclature for the studio...cute !

...the Sony Nex-5r in the Studio

...I admit I have become captivated with the Sony NEX system...and now it was time to shoot in the studio with the review, an APS-C 16mp rock-crusher and about the same identical size as the Nex-c3, this wonderful lady became my next "volunteer" and away we went...bottom line, you view-you decide, but all are straight jpegs from the camera with either the Sony 50mm (75mmFOV) or the 30mm Sigma (45mmFOV) E-Mount lens shot at f4.5, 1/160sec, iso400 and the Elinchrome Studio lights... FUN STUFF !!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

... I'm becoming a Nexxie fanboy !

... Beth and I needed to make a quick run up the mountains... so, I grabbed the Sony Nex-C3 with the 16-50mm zoom ( 24-75mm FOV )... as dusk was approaching, we pulled into Silver Plume, but alas it was a grey let's SHOOT anyhow ! ...the Nex-C3 body can be had for about $200 on Ebay, and coupled with the 16-50mm pancake zoom becomes a very pocketable APS-c 16mp camera...this is the good life and again, the sensor in this puppy is the 16mp Sony that every manufacturer has in some of there offerings...sweet !!! I ran a touch of unsharp mask on the Chevy pix as it was really a drab day...but for roadside quickies they look good to me... Enjoy, and remember you can click an image and have it go FULL SCREEN !