Thursday, August 21, 2014

...Holly B !

...I've shot a variety of styles with Holly...the assortment for today was boutique/glamour with a focus of more clothes on, rather than off... We shot some pure studio stuff and then slid into the warehouse / storage area and bounced some flash off the galvanized ceiling...a bit of a different look but she handles it well, and a bit of diversity always looks refreshing ! ...the weapon of choice today was the Sony A6000 and the usual assortment of studio strobes or handheld Sony strobes...all in all, a fun day !!! ...we'll do it again, soonest !

Monday, August 11, 2014

...a day with the GX7 !

...a Denver salon ( a regular customer ) asked if I would shoot some staff and model photos...on site off I went and the weapon of choice was the Panasonic Lumix GX7 with the Leica 25mm f1.4 lens...the setup was a low ceiling small room, a Calumet backdrop, a single manual strobe with a Gary Fong diffuser and of course the GX7...all settings were manual at 160sec/iso200/f2.8 ! ... the pix attached are straight jpeg, out-of-the -camera, and of course will tighten up nicely with a splash of PSE Unsharp Mask... ...the GX7 was released about a year ago to rave was touted to have nearly identical picture quality to the Olympus it really is a matter of form factor between the GX7 and the they certainly do handle different...options are always good... ... a single Yongnuo manual strobe was set up with the diffuser and bounced off the low white ceiling...the room was so tight as to be almost un-usable, but still I was pleased with the results... Enjoy !!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

...the V2 does Leadville

...and yet another trip to Leadville...back in time we go ... I have about 10 different Nikon CX lens available to shoot with the V2, and so the 'which to shoot' always becomes a problem...oh well, lets just look at the pix...the V2 does Leadville !

...ok, so that's a V2 by Nikon ???

...yep, and yet another strange looking device from Nikon... alas, a tasty morsel of optical excellence and photographic imagination ! ...hmmm, this differs from the V1 with the addition of a 14mb sensor, refined and re-defined ergonomic shape and in general a much more dslr style feel and shape...but mostly a deep hand grip to increase your comfort like !!! ...still lightning fast AF, speeds up to 60FPS with continuous AF up to 20FPS...or something like that...I mean, could you truly have real time AF at 60FPS... ...but bottom line, stunning and very sharp 13 x 19 prints...sweet !