Tuesday, October 7, 2014

...return of the G6 !

...I missed the Panasonic G6...sold it about 6~9 months ago...why, not sure ? ...but I missed the handling...so, now it's back !!! IMHO the handling of a camera is ALWAYS better if it is shaped as a traditional DSLR rather than the Rangefinder / Leica style, with or without a handgrip...the DSLR handling just fits the hand PERIOD ! ...but will not slide into a jacket pocket...life is ALWAYS a trade-off, isn't it ??? I also needed a SNOW car, this is a 2011 Mini-Cooper S...it's a long story but the Shelby kept me stranded at home too many times during snow...I still have the Shelby but it's winter driving days are over...so you ask, why, would you purchase a Mini-C for a snow car... ...it was an impulse purchase, very low mileage for a 2011, front wheel drive with traction control, rave reviews, and a price about $3~4k lower than the current market...SOLD ! ...it also pushes 30~40mpg around town, accelerates like a rocket (200hp), fits like a glove and goes vrooom - vrooom !

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